Bring Back Your Healthy Smile With Gum Recession Treatment in Pasco

When someone is older, you might say that they are long in the tooth. If someone actually has what appear to be long teeth, though, there is a decent chance that they have receding gums. This is not a dental problem that you should ignore, as it can lead to tooth loss and other serious issues. By getting gum recession treatment in Pasco, you can:

  • Reduce your risk of further gum damage
  • Protect the roots of your teeth
  • Cut back on your risk of tooth infections
  • Restore your healthy smile
  • Lessen your sensitivity to hot and cold substances
  • Give your smile an attractive appearance

Your gums play an important role in protecting the roots of your teeth. By repairing your receding gumline, you can keep your smile intact. Call 509-588-0082 to make an appointment at Dental West.

Give Your Gums the Care They Deserve

Your gums act as a kind of shock absorber for your teeth. Understandably, your gums are less effective when you have weakened gum tissue. Receding gums also make you more vulnerable to many dental problems, from cavities to tooth loss. From a cosmetic standpoint, gum recession can leave the roots of your teeth exposed. Repairing your gumline is good for both your oral health and the appearance of your smile.You should ask yourself these questions if you aren’t sure if you have receding gums:

  • Do you notice sensitivity to cold, hot, or sweet foods and drinks?
  • Do you experience sensitivity when brushing your teeth?
  • Do you feel pain or discomfort along your gumline?
  • Do your gums appear to be separating from your teeth?

You should be aware of the things that can cause gum recession: periodontal disease, plaque and tartar buildup, brushing your teeth too hard, injury or trauma, tongue or lip piercings, and tobacco use. If plaque buildup or gum disease is the issue, we can perform a deep-cleaning treatment.

Call 509-588-0082 to make an appointment for gum recession treatment in Pasco, WA. Don’t wait to do something about your periodontal problem!