Dental Emergencies Call Now To Relieve Your Pain
  • Restore your healthy smile ASAP
  • Stop your pain & protect your smile fast
  • Your exam is covered by our membership plan

Don’t Lose Your Smile to Dental Emergencies in Pasco

Millions of people need emergency dental care every year. Where you go matters in terms of your long-term oral health. Knowing who to call and where to go for dental emergencies in Pasco, WA can help you or someone you love get the care you need. Our experienced team is ready to help ASAP so you can:

  • Stop your pain
  • Save broken, decayed, or infected teeth
  • Rebuild your smile
  • Prevent bigger problems from happening
  • Revive your oral health

A dental emergency can happen to anyone and at any time. At Dental West, we have a phone service to help whenever you call. Also, you receive one free emergency exam annually when you sign up for our Subscription Membership Club. Call 509-588-0082 now to get the services you need to feel like smiling again.

Act Fast to Keep Your Teeth Intact

We encourage you to visit us as soon as you are able when you need emergency dentistry. We see patients on the same day whenever we can. When you come in, we can provide dental sedation to stop your pain before we examine your mouth to see what needs to be done. Restorative dentistry is often needed to rebuild your oral health. You may benefit from one or more of these services:

  • Tooth Fillings – After removing decay from your tooth, we can fill it to prevent additional damage.
  • Same-Day Crowns – We can make a dental crown for you in a matter of a few hours in our office. This can repair a broken or cracked tooth, so it looks as good as new. At most other practices, you’d have to wear a temporary restoration for several days or even longer.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – Periodontal problems can become painful. Scaling and root planing can remove tartar buildup and allow your gums to heal.
  • Root Canal Therapy – An infected tooth can cause a world of hurt. Removing the infected tissue can make your everyday life pain-free again and save your tooth from extraction.
  • Teeth Removal – We prefer to save your teeth whenever we can, yet there are times when taking out a damaged tooth is the most beneficial option.

At the first sign of a dental problem, contact us. For dental emergencies in Pasco, WA, call Dental West at 509-588-0082 ASAP. Don’t wait to save your smile!

Common Questions About Dental Emergencies

Can you help with my dental emergency?

Over many years of dental practice, Dr. Leavens has helped countless patients with their dental emergencies. You can rest confidently in his skills and expertise to help make your smile right. Our top-notch dental team delivers compassionate and gentle care and will make sure you receive the best treatment possible during your dental crisis.

What can you do for my dental emergency?

When you come in for your emergency, Dr. Leavens will evaluate your situation to get to the core problem. Depending on what he finds during your exam, he’ll make recommendations for restorative or other types of dental work. Your diagnosis and treatment may involve advanced technology like digital X-rays.

What if I have a dental emergency without insurance?

Just because you don’t have dental insurance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive the same level of care as someone who does. We’ll happily treat your dental emergency, and we provide several payment options to take care of the cost, including third-party financing through CareCredit and LendingClub. We’ll do our best to make sure you get the care you need. Patients in our membership club receive one free emergency exam a year.

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