Do What Is Needed for Your Healthy Smile

Many people won’t need a sinus lift in order to get dental implants. For those who do, though, this procedure can be a game-changer for their oral health. With enough bone tissue to secure your implants, your new teeth can provide a lifetime of benefits, including a bite strong enough for you to eat anything you’d like.

You may need a sinus lift if you:

  • Have missing teeth in the back of your mouth, but the shape of your skull makes it difficult to get implants
  • Have sinus placement that makes it difficult to place implants
  • Have suffered gum disease, which contributed to bone loss
  • Have experienced bone loss after losing teeth in your upper jaw

We may take bone tissue from another part of your body or use donor bone tissue to reinforce your upper jaw with this treatment. We can also provide soothing dental sedation during your procedure. We want you to be as comfortable and pain-free as you can be.

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